I make joyful 2D and installation art to counter cruelty in the world. What inspires me is vitality of color and form, presenting a whimsical environment for the participant to contemplate violent issues: gun control, bigotry, and gender inequality. As a multimedia artist, I use traditional methods in one medium to create innovation in another, cross-purposing tools from printmaking, sculpture, painting, and dentistry.

I believe art educates emotions, and experiencing familiar material differently can instigate change. By presenting politically charged objects and imagery – guns, gay rights symbols, reproductive organs that can be read as either female, male, or both – my work allows for a comprehensive reconsideration of how we see each other and the world.

DON’T SHOOT and GARLAND PARTY are a series of site-specific hanging installations made of approximately 1,300 yards of hand-cut garlands trimmed with beads, bells, mirrors and in the case of DON'T SHOOT toy guns and miniature military guns in vintage baseball card sleeves. Each instillation creates a lighthearted zone. Don't shoot asks viewers to consider the consequences of shooting guns.

CLOUD SHOW UTOPIA presents a harmonious world of acrylic paintings and encaustics depicting rainbows, clouds, dashed road markings, and waterfalls. It is not a coincidence that my utopia takes the symbol of gay pride as its ideal; I use the architectural fantasy of the rainbow, a space into which everyone is invited.

For ANOTHER SUNNY DAY IN THE DESERT, I exchange ultra-contemporary and ancient techniques. I editioned several digital “finger paintings” made on GreenGar’s Whiteboard app for iPhone. Translating this digital imagery into encaustic art required that I use a paintbrush not only to drip encaustic medium into incisions, but also to paint the surfaces. The master images exist as light.

Both my methods and my imagery transcend traditional boundaries between art and design, and between whimsical forms and critical ideas. Essentially everything, ideologically and materially, is reducible, reusable, and transformable.