My Pager's in My Other Pants
My Pager's in My Other Pants
Acrrylic on canvas
60" x 60"

My Pager's in my Other Pants is titled after a mixed tape made by my friend Lukas Champagne. I listened to the tape while composing Autopoiesis 2 my second annual show of paintings for the Lanespliter in July of 2007. During the month of May I composed ten paintings (acrylic on canvas or cedar) ranging from 6"x6" to 5'x5'. This painting is the fourth in my series Strains. The first paintings in the series were gennerated from a sketch I made after the minimalist style in 1997 while watching The Andromeda Strain. The term strain has several connotations. Those which provide a lense for the viewing of this painting : (music) a series of musical phrases that create a distinct melody of a piece, (biology) a variant of a plant, virus or bacterium, or to pass through a filtering agent such as a strainer, to embrace or clasp tightly; hug. The image to the right, the original sketch for My Pager's in My Other Pants, was composed during an art history class in 1998.